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Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Abdul Moneim Al Banna


Thames International holds an international conference in Cairo to boost the agricultural business in Egypt and Africa in one of the most important events in the Third World countries. 

From May 22th to May 23th, the organization held its International Conference in Finance and Agribusiness at Four Season hotel, under the auspices of Dr. Abdul Moneim Al Banna, the Egyptian Minister of Agriculture. According to its plan of 2017 to improve the third world countries, in cooperation with several Egyptian and international banks, in the forefront of the Egyptian agricultural Bank as well as experienced Ben Zwinkels Chairman of Africinvest, originally a man of Business agricultural who grew up in one of the suburbs of the Netherlands. This international conference was attended by the representative of the minister of agriculture, farmers, many businessmen and selected experts of agricultural business, investment and also number of professors in the faculties of agriculture.

On the first day, they held some of the workshops that discussed the issues and constraints on peasant agriculture in Egypt, Arab countries and African countries, and also about the issue of funding mechanized agricultural and modern technology as well as the Egyptian farms problems. Africa can be a leader of food production with the potential of the market to be entered through Egypt, one of the oldest countries in the agricultural field since the pharaohs’ age. 

The media coordinator of the Conference, Charilogone Media has played a significant role in this International Conference, moment by moment, through the simultaneous interview of non-Arabic speakers, and vice versa for the simple farmer. With The presence of the Farmers' Association members in all the governorates of Egypt, headed by captain peasants Mr.Mohammed Alakkary and also with the presence representatives of the Agricultural Bank, which the Egyptian farmer depends on as well as the agricultural associations. 


Agriculture is the mother of business as its production realises trade which brings capital that helps in building countries. One of the first conference sessions was under the title “Agriculture is the basis of life" in which the Chairman of Africinvest, Ben Zwinkels exposed his experience in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands and how he learned farming professionally from his grandfather and his father. So it is believed that his life was to help all workers in agriculture and development in favour of the citizen, health through healthy and non-polluted food and above all to provide all assistance necessary, loans and grants that contribute to agricultural development. He also said there needs to be knowledge provided and material support to organize workshops, courses, conferences and modern agricultural for Egyptian farmers and Africa in general.


After the Chairman of AfricInvest finished his speech, Professor Ahmed Ghoneim started his talk, who conducted the presentation in an interesting manner, with regard to the best way to build a modern agricultural renaissance in Africa. Following this the representative of the Agricultural Bank talked, before Professor Ahmed Ghoneim started his speech by explaining the best door to open for farmers would be to seriously guarantee adequate rights by the Bank in order to upgrade the Egyptian farmer and Egyptian family. The president of farmers’ union emphasized the importance to all members of the family of the Egyptian farmer and to allow time to pay all loans, stressing on the creation of a spirit of friendship between farmers and the government in order to achieve products that are free from defects for the citizen. 

"We must take advantage of the experiences in all areas by facilitating measures, agriculture itself and facilitate investment to find comfort in dealing with Governments without bribery and corruption. We have the finest types of cotton on the world level. The predominance of Egyptian cotton in America, Europe and the US industry should be pure Egyptian cotton 100%, and so we see the African product in all parts of the world."

As for Mr. Alfred the founder of Charilogone Media he spoke, saying: "We must take advantage of the experiences in all agricultural areas and facilitate the procedures so the investor find comfort in dealing with Government.” He further thanked the President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi to secure the establishment of such important conferences to build the African continent in general and Egypt in particular. 

The second day of the conference witnessed a series of recommendations, one of  which was by the Engineer Mahmoud Abu Seif, who specializes in the production of olive oil. He talked of the need to take agriculture seriously as those who are interested in our food and water should be ready to cooperate with all relevant actors and organizations until we find healthy and secure food for every citizen in the world for real development and a dignified life for all the sons of the African nation. By the end of the Conference, there were the memorial photos.

Thames International works to promote Pan-African Trade, Investment and Development. Their mission is to be the leader in corporate events and networking that focus on the development and expansion of key sectors within Africa. Their world-class conferences focus on current topics, providing a unique platform for international learning and networking with industry thought leaders and companies. For more information visit their official website.

A report by Charilogone Media. "We are with you everywhere"


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