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Dear all;
Our initiative is an organization for the defense of the rights of African refugees created in October 2020 in Egypt, it brings together refugees and asylum seekers from different African countries.
We campaign for the unity of African refugees, peace and justice for all.
We are obliged to create this initiative to claim our legitimate rights guaranteed by the Geneva Convention of 1951 and its protocols; we are facing a UNHCR Egypt office which does not respect its convention, nor the human rights guaranteed by the universal declaration of human rights of December 10, 1948 in Paris.
It is a shame for such an office which claims to be humanitarian, but in reality it does not have it at all. Faced with rapes, kidnappings, killings of refugees, the sick, threats of all kinds, not to mention social assistance that does not normally reach refugees, the UNHCR office in Egypt does not care. Speaking of protection, his department is non-existent because any refugee in danger cannot reach the UNHCR Egypt office by telephone.
How can we accept that a UNHCR office detains a refugee for over 20 years without a decision on their case? What world are we in?
Where is the UNHCR Geneva office? is it not it is the HQ of UNHCR which has the power to control and sanction the UNHCR offices in the world which does not respect the policies and procedures of the said institution?
What does the UNHCR investigative department called IGO do?
We as African refugees refuse to be treated in this way.
Because of the rooted corruption in the UNHCR Egypt office, this organization in Egypt has failed in its mission which should be to protect refugees; she sees refugees as commodities where she can earn aid from sponsor countries.
with the arrival of corona virus it is the total disengagement of the UNHCR office, this office is still advancing the corona virus argument not to serve refugees but its corruption sector is working fine and well.
With 250 staff, the UNHCR Egypt office is unable to renew the refugee cards? there are refugees lying around with cards that have expired for a year or even more. In Egypt the refugees are obliged to pay the stay at the value of 105 Egyptian pounds per person.
The question, with an expired card, how a refugee will be able to engage with the formalities of stay?
Another very important right is violated by the UNHCR Egypt, it takes one to two years for the UNHCR Egypt office to respond to the request to close the refugee file, is this normal?
What is this right which says that a refugee must not leave his host country even if the latter has lived for years in this country?
So where is the respect for article 13 of the declaration of human rights authorizing any individual the right to go out and return to any country?
Are the refugees in Egypt criminals in prison and not allowed to enjoy freedom of travel?
May UNHCR Egypt answer this question!
In short, all its questions and problems raised are reasons which push us to create this initiative to claim our rights because the HCR Egypt refuses to listen to the requests of its refugees who only want to live with dignity as human beings.
We look forward to the next ...
Mr. Alfred Djasnan
President of Africans refugees rights Initiative
Arch. October 2020/ modif August 2021
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Mr. Alfred Djasnan; President of Africans refugees rights Initiative


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